Thursday, July 21, 2011

What's up with the ferry?

A few months ago there was word that ferry service from Tampa to the port of Progresso was in the works to possibly start up again. This was great news for those of us planning a move to Mérida or other parts of the Yucatán peninsula. The initial word was that the service could start as early as this fall. Every few weeks I google to see if there is any new information, but the answer is always "it is a good probability, but no definite word yet." There is continuing communication on the Yolisto site, but no real news there either.

Port of Tampa web site
Ferry service would be a boon for those of us from the US and Canada. Being able to transport a car and animals without the hassle of driving the three day and three night trip from the Texas border would definitely reduce the stress of such an endeavor. Despite the fact that hundreds of people make this trek every day without incident, there would still be a nagging uneasiness about driving through the drug cartel routes. We will still make the drive if we have to, but I'm sure that until we are 250 miles into the country, we will be hyper vigilant.  I can picture myself driving, teeth clenched, hands tightly gripping the steering wheel, leaning slightly forward in the driver's seat, hopelessly believing that this will somehow move us forward faster.

It seems that a combination cruise ship/cargo vessel would work well. That could at least keep the ship at capacity, with the convenience of taking your own car for a road trip through Yucatán.  Am I dreaming or could this be a reality?

Yes...., ferry service would be nice.


  1. Hey, if you're driving there, I'm calling 'shotgun.'

  2. Actually I was reserving that spot for my pit bull, but the two of you can draw straws.

  3. I hope the ferry service comes to fruition. Unfortunately, it wouldn't be convenient for us. It's 1630 miles from Houston to Merida and 985 miles from Houston to Tampa.

    But if the border situation continues to worsen, I may reconsider driving 1000 miles out of my way!

  4. I hear you Susan. I just hope the border violence will end some day soon.

  5. We are so hoping that this ferry service eventuates as being in Atlanta it would be perfect for us. We have not experienced the drive yet but have been talking about next year. Maybe we could all have a gringo convoy. Max our Pitt bull will be riding up front as well.
    I picture myself slunked down in the front seat with my cap and sunglasses on, speeding through Mexico stopping for nothing! Lol

  6. D & W,
    LOL. Seems like we're on the same wave length. I like the idea of a gringo convoy. Safety in numbers + 2 pits! Let's do it.

  7. Is there a company/other site where you can get actual updates on this ferry? I too have been watching for info on it regularly. Would love to be on board at the end of Jan, car in tow, relieved of the strain and stress of that 6 day drive.