Sunday, July 3, 2011

New bloggers 2

Just after my previous post I received a comment from Darren and Wade and a link to their blog  Mérida - Are We There Yet? It is great to have so many people chronicling their experience and impressions of a new life in Mérida. They are there now for the entire month of July so I look forward to posts and pics ( and an update on progress with their Spanish lessons). Welcome to the neighborhood guys.

Image from Hasslefree ClipArt for Darren (from Down Under)


  1. Thanks guys for the welcome, appreciate it. We are having a ball not trying to fit a Merida experience into 5 days this time. I will be posting about our time here so look for some updates.

  2. I am enjoying the fresh perspectives of all the new blogs... You give me lots to think about. I particularly like it when you have "cultural moments" and come through them with style. You have the makings of great Meridanos

  3. Thanks for your comment Joanna, and congratulations on the 'second printing of Magic Made in Mexico'.