Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dónde ir a desayunar el Domingo?

Ruta bicicleta
I woke up this morning in need of eggs, bacon, and either pancakes or waffle or french toast. Every day, so far, had been granola, milk and coffee. Sundays, at home in Virginia,  usually includes something that can be saturated with maple syrup plus bacon and maybe an egg (and an extra couple of slices of bacon for the pups).  I had been browsing the gift shop of Hotel Casa San Ángel yesterday and the owner mentioned that the restaurant had a very good breakfast. This is a family-owned boutique hotel with restaurant and beautiful store featuring crafts from all 31 Mexican states. The owner and her daughter travel and hand-pick each piece. I had planned on getting up around 8:00 AM and heading over to the Remate. I managed to sleep until 10:00 but headed out in the heat nonetheless. Strolling down Calle 47, I crossed Calle 60 which is closed on Sundays for the 'ruta bicicleta' (bicycle route). Evidently, most people felt as I did. Too hot to ride a bicycle in this heat.

Seated in the cool, tastefully decorated restaurant, I ordered this:

French toast, eggs sunny side up, delicious bacon, fresh
squeezed orange & carrot juice, superb café
after breakfast I couldn't resist this
small tin and Talavera tile mirror 


  1. One of our favorite places to stop AFTER the Bici-ruta however, it does help that we live right behind the hotel!! Their food is wonderful!

  2. Isn't the gift shop there amazing? And yes, I think you know we love the food and service there. Not sure if I'd ever stay the night, what with concerts right outside.

  3. Yes it is and everyone is very friendly and helpful. Good thing I don't live that close. I would be tempted to slip over for coffee and dessert every evening.

  4. I am keeping a record of all the good places to eat and visit for our future visits. Thanks for your updates!

  5. Staying on calle 51 last month I walked past this hotel every day. I never even thought to stop and try their food but I did stop in at the shop and it has so many beautiful things. Bummed I didn't get to try their food. time for sure.