Friday, July 29, 2011

Oops- a man-made problem

A portion of the larger pipe at least 30 ft. long
Jesus, the plumber/irrigation expert, found the problem with the leak quickly.  It turns out that the repair will not be that simple or quick. The leak was coming from the PVC pipe connected to the bomba (pump) that was inside another larger PVC pipe many meters in length ( or I should say depth ). It took three men about 2 hours and 45 minutes to pull it out of the ground to retrieve the pump attached at the bottom. Once totally out the length stretched from one corner of the back wall, up over the opposite wall, with about 12 feet dangling over the neighbor's back garden.

After sawing the pipes into sections and getting to the pump, this
piece was sawed away from the pump. Pressure caused the bulge  in the pipe, which finally gave,  and the black spot you see
is a hole. Water was passing through the filter and pipes, but it was also escaping through the hole, filling the outer pipe and overflowing at ground level.

Jesus explained what caused this pressure, and it seems that the "key" (a shut-off valve) was being placed in the incorrect position. The well supplies water for the pool and the irrigation system. The filtration system cannot be run at the same time as the irrigation system. So, who knows if this occurred one time or several times. We will need to post signs so no one will repeat this mistake. He mentioned that he will use copper for the inner pipe. A better choice, though more expensive, and I hear that copper is popular with thieves. First, it will be under ground and second, it would take three men approximately 3 hours and they would need to get it over a twenty foot wall.

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