Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tropical Storm Don

This looks a lot worse than it really is here.
Sun's out and only a slight breeze.
Image courtesy NOAA
A blogger friend e-mailed me about a tropical storm that formed in the Gulf off the Yucatán peninsula while I was internet-less. It appears that we will only get some wind (that would be nice) and rain later tonight as it heads toward Texas. All sorts of warnings are out for the Port of Progresso but that appears to be only for boaters. Nothing serious enough for evacuations. Hopefully, this will be nothing like the fierce storm that passed through Mérida last Saturday. My fear has been getting water from the street flooding into the house, but I'm relieved that so far this has not happened. That storm was a good test. Surprisingly, we did get a small amount through one of the studio doors off the pool area and I'm thinking that the pool overflowed and with the heavy downpour the drain could simply not handle that much water. Nothing damaged, thankfully. From now on, during the rainy season, we can keep the water level a little lower than we like, just enough to allow the filter door to function.

Now, I'm out the door for a swim and then off to lunch. Not sure where, but I'll think about it while in the cool, cool, water.

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