Saturday, February 5, 2011

The 'Want List'

Months ago we started a list of things we wanted in a home should we buy in Merida.  We came up with a list based on what we had seen from photos and videos on the various real estate sites.  There are numerous real estate companies in Merida; some are American owned with bilingual agents and others are owned by Yucatecans.  Buying real estate in Yucatan is quite different from what we experience in the US or Canada. There is no multiple listing source, but you will find the same house for sale on competing sites, often with different prices. When a seller reduces a price, the price reduction does not always get changed on all the sites. I have seen a house reduced by USD $50K on one web site with the original price on another site, even after several months.  It probably pays to check all of the sites even if you have chosen one over the other.  But I digress. The point of this post is to share our want list (not in any order of importance):

1.  Location - within walking distance of varios parques.

2.  Colonial facade - preferably with high beamed ceilings.

3.  Single story and high privacy walls.

4.  Arcos y columnas  (arches and columns).

5.  Dos dormitorios / dos baños

6.  Great cocina y baños

7.  Medium size piscina (swimming pool)- not too large, not too small, long enough for laps would be great.

8.  At least some garden area- large enough to grow some beautiful tropical plants and at least a potted limón tree or two.

9.  A patio central (central courtyard) with fountain would be nice.

10. Architect designed & construction management.

11. Lots of light, indoor/outdoor living

It's possible to find most of these things in several houses on the market at this time. It all boils down to finding the one you like best that is within your budget.  Or you can choose the option of purchasing a home that is in need of renovation and have all the desired elements included in the design. We think that at this time we will opt to experience the joys (and pitfalls) of renovation vicariously through more adventurous and brave mortals.  Our first home in Merida will be one that has already been renovated. Did I just say 'first'?


  1. In my opinion, put good air flow and north-facing windows at the top of your list You can go broke trying to fight the elements with an air conditioner, I'm told.

  2. Good point. Of course, we made our list months ago before we knew about all the REALLY important stuff like cross-ventilation and north-facing windows.

    Still in Merida and have you found a house?