Monday, February 7, 2011

Casa Mango

This is one of the few homes in Mérida with a gas fireplace in the sala. We had looked at Casa Mango on the real estate sites primarily because of the large lot, keeping in mind our two dogs and the difficulty of walking dogs along the streets of Mérida.  When you enter this home you immediately are drawn to a soaring display wall along the right side of the front room. In the photos what appears to be a built-in book case is actually a floor to ceiling space for displaying art objects. The fireplace, though not connected to fire logs at this time,  was in the center of the wall. There are attractive old pasta tiles throughout. The bathrooms are unique, having natural stone spouts rather than the usual shower head. I reached over and turned it on and out came a flowing stream of water fanning out into the shower area. I can only imagine it would be like taking a shower under a small mountain waterfall. The rooms are spacious with tall ceilings and the kitchen is typical Mexican style. Walking out to the back you find a huge circular pool which may have had its inspiration from the crystal clear cenotes which are found throughout the Yucatan. Beyond the pool are gates which open up to a HUGE orchard. When we saw the house there was a young man raking and cleaning the grounds. Sour oranges were all over and he had collected a large bag full. With some repair the walls could be restored and the orchard transformed into a beautiful garden. Casa Mango is located in Santiago and definitely has that lovely old colonial feel.  There is room enough to build a casita and still have a nice sized garden. There is also the sought after garage. You can see this home on Mexico International listing #002510.

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  1. A really beautiful lot! You could do so much with that amount of land. However the kitchen could use a redo!