Thursday, February 3, 2011

A second look at Yucatan Adventure site

I took a closer look at this website and it is so much more than a resource on the flora and fauna of Yucatan. It is a volunteer website fully devoted to Maya culture, eco-tourism, and social work. The site is supported by a long list of sponsors, including major donor Hacienda Chichen Resort. It's interesting that just yesterday I was reading Susan's blog (Moving to Merida) and she had a post on eco-tourism that included an interactive game. The object of the game is to help an indigenous village develop an eco-tourism business to provide income in order to stop the demise of the rain forest.  There is an option at every juncture of the development and you must decide which to take - whether to move forward with the eco-business and risk changing forever the way of life of this village in order to stop deforestation, or not.
It's an interesting exercise that really caused me to ponder the consequences of my decisions.

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