Sunday, February 27, 2011

There's more to the owl story...

I will eventually get to the 'point' of the 'big decision', but first a little side story.  Fifteen or more years ago Alan became involved in an international (now global) men's organization called The New Warrior. To become a member requires each man to attend the New Warrior Training Adventure weekend. This is best described as an initiation for the modern man. The organization has since changed its name to The Mankind Project ( and is much more than a ritual weekend. Alan has been involved with the Washington D.C. group the entire time and has staffed many of the weekend trainings. During one of the exercises at the adventure weekend each man, in a vision quest of sorts, must choose an animal spirit which in some way symbolizes his personality traits. Alan's spirit animal is the owl. I found this description on the internet:

"Oh, the wise old owl. An owl knows all and sees all with its unblinking eyes. A person with the personality traits of the owl is logical and great at problem-solving. He or she may be good at mathematics and methodical in everyday tasks. The owl doesn’t break the rules. An owl may be seen at times as a perfectionist, inflexible, and slow to react. The owl is a thinker and symbolizes wisdom."

You are probably wondering where I'm going with this. You see an owl and the owl is Alan's spirit animal. And the point is? Are you saying this is some kind of an omen or sign?  Hmmm... Not sure, but there's even more to this story.

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