Thursday, February 17, 2011

Santa Ana - Top Location

This well located home, just a couple of blocks from Parque Santa Ana and Paseo de Montejo, is the only home we saw that was not named. Or maybe it does have a name and was just not included on the listing site or on the facade. This was also the last home we saw on our list and because we already had a couple of favorites we did not spend much time here. The floor plan was not this home's best feature. The first room you enter is set up as a dining room, with the first bedroom just to the left. The next room is the kitchen with island and beyond that a pleasant tejeban (red tile covered terrace). The master bedroom opens to the garden and a nice pool. All the rooms have well-preserved original pasta tile floors of unusual patterns.
All in all, not a bad home. It just did not speak to us. See what you think by checking it out on the Mexico International site by clicking on the link below.


  1. I have been following your house hunt. I live in NYC and have a house in Merida which I love. I have viewed this house online and wondered why you did not have it on your list. I am a Art Director and to me this house is a tastefully restored colonial, with original pasta tiles, high ceilings, a spacious private garden and pool and great location. A plus is the lack of fake arches and columns, which are not original to most colonials. Just because the present owner chose to put the dining table in the front room does not mean that it can't be the living room. I think this would be a great choice.

  2. Hi stylehounds,
    Thanks for the comment, and you are right about the dining room. One of the great things about these old colonials is that you can use the rooms pretty much any way you choose. Returning to the photos of this home, I forgot to mention the really beautiful doorway leading to the terrace. This is a tasteful restoration and given the perfect (to us) location and reasonable price it should not be on the market for long.