Saturday, October 1, 2011

Top viewed posts

It's not surprising that My first post... is the most frequently viewed. People who stumble onto the blog are checking me out. The second most frequently viewed post is Guayaberas and jipi hats.  Not sure why. The third and most puzzling post is Tropic Thunder. The post is about touring the home when we were first in Mérida, including a video with the realtor. Tropic Thunder is no longer on the market so I'm thinking maybe I should place a SOLD notice on the post. Another post that garners large numbers of views is La Tlapaleria - Los Dos Camellos where I talk about shopping at the neighborhood hardware store. The fact that the title of this post is in Spanish could be one of the reasons. Who knows?

Dos camellos
(not to be found in Mérida)
Another statistic that I have found interesting is the audience. Just who is taking a peek? Besides the top three -  US, Mexico, and Canada - Russia comes in a distant 4th place with a couple hundred views, followed by Iran in 5th place with about the same number. Today I had two pageviews from Latvia. Latvia? I don't track URL's, so I can't tell specifically where the hits are originating.

Here's hoping that we will obtain lots of useful information when we attend the Fourth Annual Latin American Bloggers Conference in Mérida on November 5th.


  1. My daughter's blog also has a follower from Latvia. I asked her if it was a bot and she says she thinks so, but when it becomes sentient they will be friends.

  2. There are apps that allow you to track your visitors and see where they clicked from. I get a lot of spammers from Latvia, Russia -- and Los Angeles for some reason.

    One of my big "popular" posts is a mugshot of Bill Gates that I swiped off the internet, when I was making a point about how dramatic and strange police photos of arrested suspects are in Mexico. Gates was arrested once as a youth, and his mugshot is all over the internet, but the one I swiped seems to be a search-engine magnet.

  3. They most likely are bots, especially the hits from places like Russia and Croatia!