Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Occupy Wall Street - a political post

The 99% vs the 1%.  A movement is underway in the United States which could become a revolution.  Unlike the Viet Nam War protests, mostly played out on university campuses, Occupy Wall Street is happening in cities and towns all over the country. What began on the real Wall Street, in New York City,  is blossoming and the powerful are starting to feel concerned. This unrest is unlike the Tea Party movement which advocates a return to 18th century utopia where everyone carries a gun, taxes are unrealistically low, gay people simply disappear, and a constitutional government sits in the halls of Congress and does very little in the way of governing. Gimme my liberty back, but don't you dare touch my socialist security check or my government-paid prescription plan. Occupy Wall Street does not yet have a leader, nor does it have a clearly articulated message, but getting Wall Street Banks and corporate America out of politics seems to be the primary focus. The buy-out and control of both Democrats and Republicans with large corporate donations, to fund multi-million dollar campaigns and influence legislation, is at the root of the problem - power, greed, and capitalism gone awry and lawmakers unwilling to let go of unjustifiable ideological positions for the good of the people.

Here is a sane and rational description by a leading economist.

The opinion expressed here is my own and is not intended to provoke, harass, or
sway the leanings of you right-fielders. Comments, whether agreeing or disagreeing, are welcome.

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