Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tropic Thunder

When making a list of homes we wanted to see while in Merida, this home was in the top 10, though the name did evoke images of a weird Ben Stiller/Robert Downey Jr. movie by the same name.  It has a very spacious feel with high beamed ceilings and brilliantly shined cement floors. We were told that the old pasta tile floors were in too poor condition to restore, so the owners used a highly polished white cement which was scored to look like huge tiles. At the entrance, just inside the front door to the right, a huge opening  was placed in the ceiling with a small garden of tropical plants below. The 'skylight' was actually a screened opening to keep out insects but not water.  We didn't quite like the idea of one of those afternoon deluges pouring water directly into the living area.  Although I'm sure the garden was designed to drain well, I could not help but worry about that feature. The kitchen was open with a polished cement island, but with only a few small cabinets placed too high on the wall for vertically challenged people to reach (that would be us). The terrace and garden/pool area was very nice, with steps leading up to the pool and a sunning terrace.  A beautiful stone wall runs the entire length of the open living area, which is over 60 ft. Very nice baths with stone features.  Location:  La Mejorada
Have a peek inside....

We saw all of the homes over a period of only two days and these reviews are not in any order.  I'll keep you guessing which ones made the top 3.


  1. Hi John, I only got to see the "Tropic Thunder" house. I hope it's #10 on your top 10 list. From what you've written, you have too many concerns about it already. I too would be concerned about the open sky light (mold and mildue. Too me it has more of a Japanese look to it. I didn't understand about sharing the garden though. I know you two are having a blast looking at all these houses. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. Cya when you get back...

  2. Beautiful house. This one is just a couple of blocks from our house. It's great to see inside.
    I'm really enjoying your trip.

  3. We were in Mejorada yesterday. It's still pretty rough! Anyone think this neighborhood is an up-and-comer? We're actually homing in on the area west of Santiago.

  4. Juan, there is another small garden located between the two bathrooms that also has the screened opening, thus the "shared" garden.

    Debbie, the house is actually very nice- those floors are really quite beautiful and the flow is good. Best part to me was the pool and garden. After staying in a contemporary home (Casa 64), we are more inclined to look for something traditional.

    Lee, there is a really good article in Yucatan Living on the neighborhoods of Merida. I believe that you can link to the article from the home page. There are extranjeros living in all areas, but Santiago and Santa Ana have the largest concentration. I still think it is a matter of finding the house that you like. All of the neighborhoods have renovated homes right next to crumbling ruins. Occasionally there will be several "new" homes in a row. I could speculate on what Centro will look like in 20 years, but who knows. I do know that the city is encouraging renovation and is actually refinishing the facades of certain properties at government expense to improve the appearance.