Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pics of the family

These fellows adopted me but I'm NOT giving up my neurotic behavior just to make their lives easier!

That would be Alan,  B.J., John, & Kenya
...and Mr. Jules


  1. Cute kiddos! The hardest part of travelling is leaving the rest of the family behind! Thankfully, we have an awesome petsitter, but we still miss them dearly.

  2. Thanks Susan. It is difficult leaving them behind, especially when they give you that "OK I know this is not your usual going off to work goodbye. What's with all the luggage?" They are so attuned to the daily routine that any deviation leaves them bewildered and a bit stressed.

    After a good night's sleep, we are off for some breakfast and Sunday in Merida. Will be blogging later today about our arrival and first night.