Monday, January 24, 2011

Some of los colores de Merida

                                          A brightly colored facade in Centro
                                    One of several mansions on Paseo de Montejo

                                                        small hotel in Centro

                                          Pink is popular in Merida ( all shades)

                                  A new restaurant in town (owned by a real Irishman) 

                                              Close-up of one of the bronze figures
                            Santa Ana church (didn't quite get the entire building in this shot)

                                                              Parque Santa Ana

                                         Side view of the Anthropology Museum
                                                                                  more to follow......... 


  1. And which one of these have you purchased? We head out tomorrow, weather permitting, but I have no strong leads.

  2. Awesome pictures! I want a pink mansion too!
    Wow, looks like a fantastic place. For some reason i was picturing the town to be straw covered buildings and natives walking around barefooted. Absolutely beautiful place.

  3. Lee, no answer for you yet. There is so much out there, in every price range and in every condition. We really liked Santa Ana for location- an easy stroll to the central plaza, Santa Lucia, Paseo de Montejo, AND Santiago. The side streets are quieter, calles 62 and 64 seemed to be the busiest (we stayed on 64). All in all I think it boils down to finding the house you like no matter the location. Everything is an easy walk if you stick to the shady side of the street. San Sebastian and La Ermita are a little farther out, but quieter and more house for the money. Good luck on your hunt. You are going to really love the weather down there right now. PERFECT!

    ...and Juan, I LOL (really hard) when I read your post! Those pink mansions were pretty fabulous. You would have to have feet of steel to walk those hot streets barefooted though. See you soon my friend.

  4. Good luck on your hunt! I swear HHI should be getting a kick-back from all the ex-pat traffic it's generated. I saw the show last year and ventured down to Merida not knowing much about it. By the end of the week I'd bought a house (another Henry Ponce masterpiece!). And now back in the reality of winter it's nice to see my home away from home in your pics.

  5. Thanks Tim. You are right about HHI! Our realtor (Keith Heitke) told us that he had just finished filming an episode that should be airing soon. He said that the episodes generate an incredible number of inquiries to their agency. HHI must get some good feedback also, because they keep returning to Merida.

    I will be blogging over the next few days (weeks) about some of the homes we saw and our impressions. We looked at 8 or 9 homes that are on the market, as well as 3 homes on the House & Garden Tour at the Merida English Language Library.

  6. We bought on Calle 45 (552) between 74 and 74A... Not to far from Santa Ana, in Santiago but an easy walk to everywhere including English Library and Walmarts...A somewhat quiet street, and the lot is wonderful, 11 m by 60 M. We looked at least 20 different places... this one just said 'home' to us....Now to get it done!

  7. Tim, If you purchased your Ponce home in the past year, and it was on the real estate site, I'm probably familiar with it. I can recall watching at least three sell... Casa 64, the contemporary home in Santa Lucia I believe, and the larger traditional home with a pool that came within steps of the kitchen. I'm certain there were others, but those 3 I remember.

  8. Carlos, that sounds like a really good area and the lot size is awesome. Plenty of room for an incredible tropical garden and pretty much anything else you choose.

    We did not actually visit the Walmart store, but drove past it. It looks like a museum, not a Walmart. The US should take note!