Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ki' Xocolatl

We were here for a couple of days before we realized that we had eaten nothing sweet except for fresh fruit that seems to accompany breakfast no matter where you eat.  We remembered seeing a chocolate shop our first night here and started wandering until we found it - a small storefront shop, inviting and air-conditioned, so we went inside and had an expresso doble and purchased a few treats to take back to Casa 64.  Last night walking back from the ADO (ahhh-dee-oh) station down Paseo de Montejo to the Remate (beginning of the boulevard. Remate in my dictionary translates to 'auction', so I'm not sure of the connection) we turned on calle 51 and found one of the small Ponce houses we like.  We continued on a short distance to Parque Santa Lucia, a small but pleasant park, took a few photos of the church and headed for home.  We passed by Ki'Xocolatl ( kee-shoc-o-lot-ul ??) and in we went.  After a couple of very cheap but delicious panuchos (sort of like a tostita, but with shredded turkey and better) we were ready for an expresso and dessert.  I had a triple chocolate brownie with pecan and bitter chocolate sauce and Alan had a brownie made with cinnamon drizzled with white chocolate. Cafe' Americana for me and expresso for Alan.  We purchased some more goodies to bring back to Virginia. The bill added up to ~ $600MX (about $49USD). A bargain ?  No, but this is vacation and we have some extremely delicious chocolate to bring home. And we enjoyed communicating in our broken Spanish and English with Evaline (sp?), the lovely shop lady with a wonderful laugh.


  1. Sounds like you and Alan are having a ball. Vacations are for indulging, and having a good time. You can always work off those chocolate pounds later when you get back! :)

  2. Hi again, Remate also means "an End or Tip." it might be the end or beginning of the Blvd...

  3. Juan,
    You are right. Indulging we are, but walking off most of the calories. In fact, we both commented that we have actually lost a 'bit' around the waist!

    Thanks for clearing up my confusion about Remate. I thought English was the only language with multiple meanings for the same word. (;D