Monday, November 4, 2013

San Luis Potosí...

On the drive to San Luis Potosí
The drive from Saltillo to San Luis Potosí had us arriving early in the afternoon. What we saw of the city was mostly traffic. Traveling with animals makes it very difficult to sight-see and after all this time on the road, even with the various stops along the way, we were ready to keep going. While it would have been nice to see the Centro Historico of SLP, getting closer to Mérida proved to be more appealing. We made the decision to drive as far as we could before sunset and as close to Puebla as possible. San Luis lies on the Mexican Plateau and the view while driving consists mostly of wooded hills of the Sierra Madre in the distance which seemed to be encased in a blue mist.
 The dogs were napping between us and Mr. Jules was burrowed under a quilt in the back, his favorite spot for the bouncy ride. I have not mentioned that when we were traveling through Alabama we had stopped for gas and to let the dogs out and when we got back in the van to leave, Alan took a head count and the cat was missing. He looked throughout the van and Jules was not to be found. We searched the entire area around the gas station for over 30 minutes, calling for him to come to us. We even got the dogs out and asked them to find Mr. Jules. The look on their faces was one of complete puzzlement. Cats are known to disappear and reappear days later but we did not have days to wait. Alan decided to take one last look in the tightly packed back compartment between the bed and the back doors of the van. Stuffed between two sleeping bags and other gear he saw a tiny pink nose. Jules stayed there, tucked away safe and secure, for the next several hours before climbing out and resuming his place in the rear of the van.

We got turned around a bit on the outskirts of San Luis, but our trusty GPS soon had us on the way to Puebla, bypassing Mexico City. We've heard horror stories about driving through D.F., so that particular spot will be seen when we can fly in for a few days.

A nice view, somewhere in México 😊...


  1. Hi John,
    We just got internet today. I hope I'm not too late in alerting you to be on alert for unmarked topes (speed bumps) shortly after crossing into Chiapas. We hit one at high speed on a highway posted for 110 km/hr. It bent our alloy rim, which we didn't discover until stopping at a police checkpoint in Campeche. Fortunately it didn't leak. Best wishes for the rest of the journey. ~eric.

    1. Hi Eric,
      We managed to miss that one, but hit another at a check point. We had already slowed down but not enough. No damage that I can see. Our main concern with the motor home is the water tank that sits really low. Hope to meet you one day soon. Maybe we can join you guys for coffee.

  2. Are you guys there yet?

  3. Oh yes, we arrived on Saturday, Oct. 26. I'm just blogging city by city as we traveled. A bit behind, but settling in to daily life.

  4. I totally understand why you didn't stop, but it's a pity to have missed San Luís Potosí. It has an incredibly charming set of interconnected plazas, tons of colonial style buildings, and friendly inhabitants. F and I spent a few days there around Easter, and all of the above combined with a very breathtaking festival (to be blogged about some day), made it a very memorable stay.

    I'm glad you found your cat. It reminds me of the time I was traveling with my own cat. We had stopped for the night in a motel. I snuck the cat in, and then went for a dip in the pool. On returning to the room, the cat was nowhere to be found. Since she wasn't allowed, I couldn't exactly ring the desk and ask if they had taken her. So I became panicked, looked all over, went out and called, but no luck. Somewhat later, I discovered that the box spring had a hole in the lower fabric, and that she had climbed in there. Imagine my relief!


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we think it's a bit of a tossup as to whether it's tougher to travel with cats or with dogs.

  5. Hi Kim G, thanks for commenting. Yes, we regret that we were unable to really spend any time in all the places we stopped. Those places will have to be a trip for another time. And you are correct. It is a bit of a tossup. Our kitty gave us a couple of really big scares, but otherwise was easy to travel with. Dogs, on the other hand, are high maintenance and demanding of your time, but so worth it!