Friday, April 27, 2012

An Afternoon in Uxmal

Templo del Adivino
We spent Thursday afternoon visiting Uxmal, Ochil, and Yaxcopoil. Trekking through Uxmal in the early afternoon can drain your energy very quickly. Next time I will go in the early morning for better light. The site closes at 5PM, which is when the best light begins. None the less, we got some good shots. Alan has my older camera and has really taken some great photos. I'm still working on learning the ropes with my new camera. With the newer digital cameras, if you have a poor exposure, blame the photographer not the camera.

Stay tuned for a few shots from Hacienda Ochil and Hacienda Yaxcopoil.

Templo del Adivino -side view

Detail of wall


Detail II

Lone out-building


  1. Those ruins have never looked more commanding! I can't wait to see them myself. I'd be interested to know if you went to a tour group or rented a car.

  2. We arranged for a driver through William Lawson. Now that I know how easy a drive it is, I would not hesitate to rent a car ande drive myself, although I'm not sure the cost would be less with all the insurance that is necessary. We both commented that the road was better than some of our roads in Virginia.

    Uxmal is impressive and the grounds are well maintained. I'm certain, though, that the admission price of 177.00MX prevents many local people from having the opportunity to visit.