Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Trouble in paradise...

Our blogger friend at Imagine Mérida just reported this. Yes, potential Mérida homeowners, things do go wrong in this delightful slice of heaven in Yucatán.  I just spoke with our property manager and he informed me that the studio air conditioner was not performing well enough for the current guest. I thought this was supposed to be the cooler time of year, when ceiling fans and open doors and windows are enough to stave off drenching sweat. I mean, I spent a week there in July and never once turned it on. I did, however,  spend an inordinate amount of time in the pool. Alan and I were both there in November and used no A/C.  Ruben informed me that the guest complained of dampness and I do know that it has been unusually wet this 'dry' season. The A/C's were all checked in the spring and were in good working order. I thought perhaps it could be a freon (or whatever gas they now use) leak. He tells me that the repairman took the unit to be repaired. Let's hope that it is repairable!

I haven't received the bill for this yet, but I can tell you that normally the costs of repair in Mérida are considerably less expensive than back at home. That is some consolation because the frequent breakdown of any electronic device in this heat and humidity can be frustrating.

Another consolation. The guest pays for any electricity over and above a set usage that is considered adequate. This is a policy that many rental casas use and one that we adopted after a particularly nasty electric charge by another guest.

The moral of this story? Go with the flow, expect the unexpected, and enjoy your slice of heaven.

photoArt by John Bradshaw


  1. I wondered why my blog suddenly got so active. Thanks!

    Anyway, I'm told my water situation has been taken care of, but soon I'll be there to find out. Now, if only someone can fix the leaks here at home.

    That's a really great photo illustration!

  2. My "glow with the flow" moment was in September when the abandoned property next to me, after being partially and illegally demolished, collapsed into the street and on my outdoor terrace. When the owner was approached about covering damages he said "Collapsed wall? There was never a wall there."

  3. Lee, glad your leak has been repaired. In our case, repairs to our home in Virginia take a back seat to the Mérida house.

    Anonymous, thanks for the comment. Ouch!! I hope the damages were not too costly.