Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Guinea Pig for portraiture module

As I progress through my photography course, the assignments become slightly more challenging. I've had very little time to think about my future life as an expat in Mérida. Thankfully, bloggers like Lee and Darren & Wade, all expats-to-be, help keep the dream alive with their enthusiastic posts. Resident bloggers and friends, Cathy and Marc, offer informative posts on day to day living in Mérida with an emphasis on great photos and living la vida serena.

Although my photographic plans don't include portraiture, it has been fun getting Alan to be my model. I am learning that many mistakes can be corrected post exposure.  My instructor, of course, insists that it is always better to "get it right the first time." He is right about that, but it is a bit fun and artistic to make something mediocre look pretty fabulous. Not that I am any where near fabulous at this point.

Please feel free to comment. Critiques are welcomed.

This image largely untouched

A bit of bright gaussian blur added for a dreamy effect

Gaussian blur with less brightness


  1. Very nice, he has such a strong face with really beautiful planes and it takes well to blurring....

  2. If you can turn my mug into such a handsome portrait, you've got a new model!

  3. Well done! Waiting for whatever comes next...