Thursday, December 1, 2011

Doña Tere's, coffee beans, viveros & random photos

Just more of my random shots

One of the nice things about meeting new friends in Mérida, especially those who have lived here for a while, is that you learn about some really good places to shop or eat that are off the beaten path and that would take some time to discover on your own. One such place is Doña Tere's, a favorite Santa Ana cocina economica, which has been featured in Yucatan Living. Besides the fact that we can walk out our front door and be there in less than two minutes, the food really is quite good - simple, yet flavorful, home-cooking. Just order from the blackboard, grab a cold soda or bottle of water from the fridge, and you are quickly served a bowl of black bean soup, the entree (usually chicken or pork), a serving of rice, several slices of fresh lime and pepper and a bowl of warm tortillas. All for about 25-35 pesos, depending on whether you order the half serving or the whole serving. I ordered the half serving on two occasions and walked away completely satisfied. Try to get there before 2:00PM as this is a favorite eating spot for students and albañiles working in the area.

Another great find was a shop- in Itzimná I believe- that sells fresh roasted coffee beans from Chiapas.  It is imperative to be able to find good coffee, because it is doubtful that we will be able to get shipments from Nespresso to Mexico.  Plus, we should be supporting the Mexican economy now that this will be our new home. I don't have the exact address but will be happy to find it if anyone is interested.

Ruben accompanied me to a couple of viveros (nurseries) where I purchased some new plants for the garden. Both were just a short drive from the Centro and the prices were considerably cheaper than similar size containers in the US.  Now I just have to learn which plants are not targets of the infamous leaf-cutter ants.


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  2. I'm headed down to Doña Tere's in a few minutes. Wish you were here.

    About the coffee: you must be talking about Caffe Latte, Calle 18 No. 96-C x 21 in Itzimna, just across the street and a few steps from the park.

  3. I wish I were there also, Marc.

    Yes, that is the place! Thanks for taking me there and for posting the address. Enjoy your lunch.

  4. One big drawback of our neighborhood. I still haven't spotted any cucinas economicas. I'll have to trek to your neighborhood for some lunch I guess.

    I'm still haunted by those ants marching across the cable. Thanks for linking!

  5. Lee, there's probably one closer to you, but Doña Tere's is only 6 blocks straight down calle 47.

    Those ants are amazing and deadly to certain plants.

  6. You can also get good organic Mexican coffee at the slow foods market on Saturday mornings in colonia Chuburná. I think it's sold by the same folks that own Café Orgánico, a store near 72/Reforma that I haven't gotten to yet. (And, ahem, Starbucks sells shade-grown, "ethically traded" beans from Chiapas.)

  7. Doña Tere's sounds lovely. Where is it? At the market or on a different street?

  8. yucatango, I definitely want to get to the slow foods market. I've heard good things about it.

    Rainie, Doña Tere's is on calle 47, between 66 y 68.