Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Back home to Mérida

After what seems like a long, ho-hum summer, we are finally back home for a visit. If "back home" sounds a little strange, well.... it is. We are not yet here permanently, but coming for one of our semi-frequent visits seems like coming home. After a long 12-hour day in three airplanes and four airports, we arrived in Mérida at 7:53 PM. Our flight from Houston departed IAH at 6:40 PM, so we arrived in just over an hour although the flight time is approximately two hours. This is all thanks to Mexico for initiating Daylight Savings Time a couple of weeks before the United States. DST fools the mind but not the body.

We had been in the house about 15 or 20 minutes when Alan suddenly noticed that these two mirrors were missing from the front sala. We've been burglarized, I exclaimed!  We were puzzled that nothing else appeared to be missing. I immediately placed a call to Ruben, our faithful and extraordinary property manager. Oh, the mirror to the left of the entrance door fell and the glass was broken. He had removed the other mirror and had taken both to a repairman to attach a heavier guage wire and brackets.  I will need to speak with the owners of the store where the mirrors were purchased. An employee of the store installed them and one would assume that it would be done properly.

After we calmed down a bit, we headed out for a late dinner. We ended up at a new Taco place down at Calle 60 y 59.  I can't remember the name, but something about "spinning top" (La Trompo??).  These are not your Tex-Mex tacos, but Yucatecan style and quite good.

Full stomach, fresh linens on a comfortable bed - all we needed for a good night's sleep..


  1. Welcome home! I'll bet you ate at Los Trompos. There are several locations in Mérida, including on 60. If you haven't already, try the chicharrón de queso, which is a crispy, deep-fried cheese rollup good for dipping in guacamole. You can't go wrong with deep-fried cheese!

  2. Thanks Yucatango.

    Yes, that's it. Los Trompos! We will definitely try the chicharrón de quasi.

  3. On second thought, skip the de quasi. Will try the de queso instead...

  4. welcome back, looking forward to meeting you this go round!

  5. Hi Debi,

    Thanks. We are looking forward to Saturday and meeting everyone.

  6. Welcome back. I look forward to seeing you soon around the 'hood.

  7. Thanks Marc. It's really great to be back. We are looking forward to attending all the conference activities.