Monday, March 28, 2011

Natural Air (conditioning)

The bedrooms in Las Lechuzas have no windows to allow for air flow, so these  glass enclosed alcoves were included to allow hot air to escape through screened vents at the roof top, and when the evening breezes begin, the cool air flows inside and cools the room.

The stone walls add a nice backdrop for the plantings which seem to thrive in this protected environment.

There are two openings in the garage which serve as sky lights and air-flow vents. Hot air rises and flows out of the garage. Cooler air flows downward and through the screened openings in the doors into the front sala.  

...and when it is still too hot, a plunge in the pool is a surefire way to cool down. (the hearty palms survived the onslaught of demolition and  construction and are incorporated elsewhere in the landscape).
The pool surface is white cement, yet the water appears very blue.   I'm thinking  there are large quantities of copper sulfate in the water coming from the deep well.


  1. Very innovative. I love seeing how air flow can be managed to keep the house cool. Looks like you're enjoying the process of getting to know your new home. Still haven't tested ours in the heat!

  2. It's funny, the previous owners said they used air conditioning in the bedrooms every night year round, but I was perfectly comfortable without it. Now when the humidity approaches summertime highs, we will most likely give in and use it. I hope to be back in late May or early June for a real test!