Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Speaking of Changes...

Word has it that the Paseo de Montejo is scheduled for a facelift. The Champs- Élysées of the Yucatán is soon to see a few miles of newly paved streets and other enhancements. This information comes from two reliable sources, a successful business owner a few doors down from the Remate and our über knowledgeable, reliable and Spanish teaching taxi driver, Juan Ortiz. We also noticed a building we had not seen before - a tall, sleek black stone and glass office-like structure that is a drastic departure from the typical architecture seen on the Paseo. I regret not snapping a photo, but to be honest, neither of us took our cameras out of the bag the entire time we were in Mérida. I think it is perfectly fine to incorporate a bit of modernity into an otherwise architecturally significant historical district. For example, in Norfolk, Virginia there is an attempt to make every new building look as if it has been here for 150 years -red brick, fluted columns, fake pediments. It ends up looking drab and boring and rather than complimenting the historical structures, dilutes the entire block into an uninspired landscape. The problem here, I think, is a long standing and rather staid architectural review board. Mérida must surely have a similar process to review architectural designs, particularly in the historical districts. Let's hope they exercise a restrained, yet creative vision for this lovely boulevard.


  1. Next time you're there, take a good hard look at the España Hotel, which is next to Rosas y Xocolate across the side street. Not a very appealing building, but with a few adjustments it could have a fabulous modern to contrast with its more romantic neighbor.

  2. I'm sure I've seen it, but paid little attention, as the eye is drawn to R y X. I think the building I was talking about is a little north of R y X. It has a steep, sweeping, pointy peak ( pyramid-like?). I'm not sure if it is a single business or offices.