Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yucatán Today - Happy Anniversary

I just received an e-mail announcing the latest edition of Yucatán Today, which is celebrating 24 years of publishing a very fine magazine and on-line site containing everything you need to know about Mérida and Yucatán. If this site is not on your favorites list, be sure to add it. And if you need a detailed map of the area, look no further. They have over twenty maps that will help, immensely, with your travels throughout the area. The on-line site does a wonderful job of keeping its readers up to date on all the happening events in Mérida, like Carnaval  Nueva Era 2012, which we will unfortunately miss this year. The restaurant reviews are excellent as well, with great photos. Look for the monthly magazine at various sites throughout the centro.

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  1. We won't be at Carnival this year either. And I'm starting to get "home-away-from-homesick". Hope we can get back soon.