Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nature's devastating fury

This unattributed photo of a EF3 tornado that struck Ringgold, GA was forwarded to me by my sister. Over three hundred people have been killed throughout the South in the deadliest storm since 1925. Thousands have lost their homes, left with no more than the clothes they were wearing when the tornadoes struck. Tens of thousands are without electricity. One of our cousins was in the path of another tornado and escaped injury, although their home was completely destroyed.

My nephew's reaction to this photo... "this thing looks alive, the most evil looking thing I have ever seen."

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  1. Yes, that photo is amazing! I live less than 5 miles from where the St Louis tornado hit and we were so lucky that there were so few injuries and no deaths! Many houses were leveled and one wing of the airport almost destroyed, and it was full of people watching out the window!The tornado was an EF4 when it hit the airport.... Much of the difference I think is that St Louis has an early warning siren signal which tells us to take cover...