Thursday, June 30, 2011

New bloggers on the block

I've been following three new sites that are new to the Mérida blogging scene. It is always fun to read what others say about our shared theme, i. e., beginning a new chapter in our lives in the Yucatán. A different perspective is quite refreshing. These bloggers are all different in their approach to the subject of 'coming to Mérida.' Take a look.

Imagine Mérida: an incisive look at what this writer is finding as he searches (frustratingly) for the right home. He has done excellent research and almost daily, sometimes twice daily, presents information that you probably won't see on similar blogs. Case in point, the post on casinos in Mérida. Who would have thought?

Yucatango: Yucatango has come to Mérida and brings her web-based business and much needed social awareness. In her own words, she has come with "a cheap camera, a bike, and an appetite." You will see a variety of topics and some great photos, with an emphasis on green living and navigating the streets of Mérida on her bike(s). And food. And dancing.

Casa del Gato Azul:  Carlos Q and Pat Q are '4-5 years away from retiring', and hail from St. Louis. They are just beginning renovation on their home in the Centro. Carlos will have his own music room. They will be neighbors of ours, which is a good thing, because they love to cook good food and share with their neighbors. It's in writing. Right on their blog. Carlos is Puerto Rican and Alan (of John & Alan) is Italian. There's going to be some fine cooking going on in our neighborhood!

images from Hassle-Free ClipArt


  1. Thanks for the mention! I didn't mention that I'm from an upstate NY town that 90% Italian and that I make the best lasagna of anyone I know, did I? So here's an invite, next time I come to Merida and when I have a kitchen I will make lasagna OR I will invite you for Arroz con pollo which is excellent too!Your choice! OR if he's in the mood, Carlos makes wonderful curries.....Thai, Indian, Malaysian, etc

  2. Accepted, but not sure we could make a choice between all those selections. If we're going out for good food we enjoy, something other than Panera or Moe's, it will most likely be Thai or Indian. That lasagna sounds tempting as does the arroz con pollo. I think you will just have to surprise us.

  3. Thanks for the mention. I'm honored! It has also been great to "meet" the new bloggers--thanks for bringing us together.

  4. Hey guys...great to see shout outs to new bloggers...we are very new to blogging and to Merida...just got the keys to our new place today here...pretty much a vacant lot but hey...check us out