Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's Mérida weather in Virginia

Think it's really hot in the Yucatan? Yesterday the gauge in my car registered 98☀F in Norfolk, the humidity was high and not a breath of air was stirring.  Plus there is no pool in our backyard.  The AP reports that the temperature climbed into the 90's across more than half the country, forcing schools with no A/C to close and cities to open cooling centers. Some scientists say "we had better get used to it".  Despite what the global warming naysayers proclaim, a new study from Stanford University says global climate change will lead to unusually hot summers in the coming years. The study concludes that 'by mid-century, large areas could face unprecedented heat and the effects are likely to be first felt in the tropics but will extend to parts of the United States, Europe and China." {Disclosure: Stanford University is a bastion of liberalism and the study is therefore likely tainted, no?  Yes, all scientists at Stanford are liberals.}

Now I'm just wondering what Mexico will do when air conditioning is necessary in order to be able to breathe? Will the government make electricity more affordable and will cooling centers be opened? The malls are not large enough to hold a million people. The Gulf of Mexico will feel like bath water. The cenotes will most likely remain cool and refreshing, but you probably will not see too many of us doing this.

Better start adapting now.
Image from free ClipArt- video courtesy YouTube

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  1. Of course the "experts" are wrong, there has been no net warming for 17 years. In Minnesota we just had the worst winter I can remember. Perhaps the experts have other motives