Friday, April 29, 2011

Our neighborhood church

In 1729  Governor Antonio de Figueroa y Silva had the iglesia de Santa Ana constructed, supposedly over the foundation of a Mayan edification. The church was completed in 1733 and a plaque on the facade ( in old Spanish) indicates that de Figueroa y Silva is buried there. Not a grand cathedral, it has a simple beauty and stands proudly overlooking the neighborhood of Santa Ana. 

A mass in progress inside Iglesia de Santa Lucia, just a few blocks from Santa Ana.
I edited this shot in iPhoto with an antique effect. It made the texture of the facade really pop.

A not-so-good night shot of the much grander  Cathedral of San Ildelfonso (1556-1599) in the central plaza, the oldest Catholic Cathedral on the American continent.


  1. Santa Ana church is probably the prettiest in the Centro. And watching the parishioners when they attend -- they're so ernest, so filled with purpose.

  2. Yes, a pure unadorned faith - as essential to their lives as the air they breathe.