Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Don't pawn your silver & gold jewelry

This was just forwarded to me from my sister in Atlanta.

 I have always cringed when politicians of every stripe hail the US as "the greatest country on earth." In my opinion this relegates every other country in the world to, well... "not as good as us" status. It is certainly true that we are the most powerful in terms of weaponry, and the wealthiest, and the most influential in foreign relations. Could it be, with the HUGE mess we are in right now, power and wealth aside, that we are also the dumbest? I mean, three wars, a financial crisis unparalleled in my generation and caused by greed, a government that has lost all civility, and a clown who has forced the POTUS to publicly display his birth certificate to prove that he was born in this country!

It looks like take-out Chinese will replace Starbucks on every corner and our barbecue will be flavored with hoisin and/or rice wine vinegar (bye-bye Heinz).  And forget about french fries at your McD's. Fried wonton anyone?

Any financial advice out there for transferring more of the nest egg to Mexico?

P. S. OK, I lied. I will occasionally, on this blog, vent my frustration with US shenanigans.
As my sis said - Lord help us!

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