Sunday, April 10, 2011

More construction photos

These are the hand painted pasta tiles used throughout the house.   They are  concrete and appear to be  about an inch thick. Once in place they are polished to a high gloss and are really beautiful.

Laying the tiles one-by-one and in perfect alignment!

Because the tiles do not line up from room to room, this interesting transition works very well and looks great once the grouting is finished.

Pattern in the two front salas. The architect's renderings show terra cotta tiles throughout, but in the end the pasta tiles were thankfully used.

Clay tiles don't work well with all the moisture that comes up from the ground, so these are actually cement slabs that have been expertly formed  and finished with a terra cotta color. Small white stones have been placed between the pavers for a really nice effect.

Built-in shelves for computer, printer, etc. with wires and cables recessed into the wall. The holes were later be filled in, smoothed over and painted.


  1. You're right! Those pasta tiles were the way to go! The pattern gives the sala a fun, updated spin on the standard pasta tile look...I like it a lot!

  2. Thanks Susan. We really do love the floors.

  3. I like the transition tiles you placed in between the two rooms. It creates a beautiful division, and I’m pretty sure it will look even lovelier once grouted. Also, the tile pattern in the front salas looks very Mexican, which I think is a perfect fit with the overall design of your home. I like how you used earthy colors because they lend a warm yet rich aura to the room.

    1. Thanks so much for the comment. We are extremely happy with our home.