Thursday, May 23, 2013

Step aside Starbucks...

There is an up and coming purveyor of fine coffee in Mexico - Cielito Querido, a Mexico City upstart with a vision for future expansion to other cities in Mexico and the United States. As if to say to Starbucks, don't think you can best our heritage of world class coffee, they print a bold snub on their to-go cups that says "Aquí, le decimos chico, no alto." Here, we say small, not tall." (Thanks for the translation correction, Theresa.)  Their motto is "not on every corner, but in every neighborhood." Mérida is not mentioned in their list of expansion sites, although Cancun and Puebla are slated. Cancun... that resort city where droves swoop in to get sloshed on Margaritas and fry their bodies in the Caribbean sun.With prices running higher than Starbucks for a standard cup of coffee, I suppose they see Cancun as a safer bet. I'm not sure why I'm disappointed that our fair city is not on the list. There are plenty of places for a great expresso. The wonderful Cafe La bohème is an easy walk from our house and Ki' Xocolatl is just  a short stroll to the central plaza area. Any number of restaurants serve a decent cup of post dinner coffee or expresso. Or an invite to dine at home with these guys, who have a monster expresso machine in their kitchen! And, in a pinch, well... there's always Starbucks.


  1. The coffee house, Sandunga just west of Ki'Xocolatl serves very excellent coffee too. You get a free cup of coffee or espresso to drink while they grind your order.

    With all due respect, I think that "chico" probably should have been translated as "small" not "guy". I swore that I was going to give up being the translation monitor, but I know you aren't the sort of person to become offended.


  2. I'll have to check out Sandunga.

    Jajaja.. I knew that translation didn't make sense. The online translators leave much to be desired.
    So, maybe it means "here, we say small, not tall." Starbuck's sizes are tall, grande, and vente.
    I'm going to correct the post, hehehe.