Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Resolving to do something (anything) as part of some silly New Year's Eve proclamation of intent has never worked for me. It's not that I don't get things done. It's that making unrealistic promises to myself, such as "I'm getting off sugar"just sets me up for failure. I'm NOT giving up sugar. I will honestly try to reduce my consumption, but there's simply no way I'm giving up chocolate. At this stage of life, I'm not going to deprive myself of such little pleasures even if it shaves a few days or months off my lifespan. I mean, isn't dark chocolate healthy? Like red wine?

However, there are some things I (we) need to get done in the coming year. So, I resolve to make the best attempt that I (we) can to:
  • Starting one room at a time, go through every closet and drawer, emptying and boxing all but non-essential items.
  • Have a huge yard sale to try and make a few bucks off another man's treasure.
  • Anything not sold goes to Good Will.
  • This is a BIG one - sell a condo that we own, even if it means taking a hit. Like everywhere, prices have gone down -WAY down. 
  • Plan for an estate sale when we have a firm date for moving to Mérida. We have a few nice antique pieces that someone else can enjoy for years to come. Upholstered furniture (thanks to los dos perros y el gato) will probably go to Good Will, unless someone wants to go to the expense of re-upholstering or slipcovering. It's good stuff, just worn.
  • Pray - every day - that the Tampa to Progreso ferry becomes a reality in 2012.
  • Complete the photography course (so far, I've finished 3 of 12 modules with fairly good success)
  • Work diligently on Español                  

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