Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dreaming of Warm Tropical Breezes

Palm, Yucatán
(photo Courtesy Google Images)
While the entire Eastern Seaboard of the US is huddled, trying to stay warm in extreme cold, I can find some relief by simply viewing images of beautiful, tropical Mérida and the turquoise and azure hues of the Gulf of Mexico. Currently, outside our home in Virginia, the temperature is 30℉ (-1℃). That doesn't sound so bad, but the wind is blowing and the chill factor is likely 10-15 degrees lower. When I returned from walking the dogs this morning, my hands felt like they were on fire! I'm sure our friends (who are in Mérida as I write) have checked the weather for the NYC area. It is currently 14℉ (-10℃).
Enjoy the remaining days of your trip to the tropics, guys!

Did I mention that our home is now officially on the market? We have had one showing and the couple wants to come back for a second look. We have always had very good luck selling our homes, but of course the market is the worst in the history of our experience. Nonetheless, we have high hopes for a reasonably fast sell. Mérida is calling us for an August move. We might possibly take a few detours on our way down, ending up at Casa de Las Lechuzas in September. Warm, tropical breezes...

Beachfront, Sisal, Yucatán
(photo Courtesy Google Images)

Home, Sweet Home


  1. I'm sitting here having just come from running errands and my feet and hands are like blocks of ice! It's about 14F here and Merida in December seems far away.I'll keep my fingers cross that you have a quick sale at a FAB price and you're on your way quick.

    1. And I thought it was bad here! It has dropped a few degrees since I posted, but will warm a bit over the next few days, to at least above freezing. Thanks for the finger crossing! We want all the help we can get. Stay warm.

  2. We're suffering, too, you know. It hasn't gotten past 85 in over a week. It almost rained yesterday. Not quite the paradise you thought it was, I'm afraid.

  3. I'm feeling really bad for you right now!!😢