Wednesday, August 22, 2012


My blog gets a reasonable amount of traffic, especially for someone who blogs much less frequently than before. I started out authorizing each comment as they were submitted, just in case I received one that was offensive in nature. In all this time, I have received only one inappropriate comment that was directed at someone I had mentioned in a post. The comment was rude and not relevant to my post and was therefore deleted. Most of the comments on my site are from other Mérida bloggers or an occasional guest responding to the post. My posts don't always generate a lot of comments, even though I can see that  there are quite a number of  "lookers." I can't say "readers" because I don't know if everyone actually reads the posts.  Once I decided that I needed to get my ego out of the process,  I relaxed and simply became pleased that I've managed to keep it going since January 3, 2011.

Anyway,  at some point I just decided to open the comments to anyone without having to verify the comment. It just made sense that comments could be posted as they come in without my having to be physically present at a computer. There was the other option of requiring word verification  (CAPTCHA), but I always found those to be a bit tedious. Some are relatively easy, but lately I've found some sites that seem to have initiated a level of security that I find baffling. I'm curious. Is there a way to set the level of difficulty on word verification? Like adding numbers and a line of letters in Gothic script with caps and lower case and curlicues that all run together and are next to impossible to decipher? Just wondering. I even have two new lenses in my eyes that are getting me close to 20/20 vision for the first time in 24 years. I tried the Captcha "sound" option that resulted in a warbled robotic tone that I couldn't understand and that made me want to smash my keypad.

Here's what I've decided. If I encounter a site with a CAPTCHA security, I'll give it the old college try. If I miss the first go, I might try a second time if I really want to leave a comment. If I miss on the second try, I'm likely to stop at that point.  No offense to those who use this type of security measure, but it's more likely to prevent me from commenting than a bot.

This from Wikipedia:

Due to the sound distortion present in audio CAPTCHAs and visual distortion present in visual CAPTCHAs, offering one as an alternative to the other does not help people with impairments in both areas. While deafblind is a small group, having some degree of impairment in both areas is actually common, and very common amongst older people.

Well, there you have it folks.  I'm now relegated to the "older people" category. Good thing I'm still young at heart...



  1. I must be getting old. I've resorted to the "audio" option, so the words are sounded out for me. I lose patience with these things, too. My comments are clear for anyone who's been approved in the past. Only first-timers have to "await moderation."

  2. Lee, you're a mere child. I just had my post-op eye exam and I'm at 20/25, so I think we can safely blame the CATCHA phrases and not our eyes.

  3. Hey Guys
    You made the distinction between readers and lookers. Just so you know…I always read your posts and find them thoughtful and intriguing. After reading, I frequently think, “Hmmm…thanks.” I’ll try to comment more even if it’s just a “hmmm…thanks.” I’m always surprised when I run into a reader of my own blog and hear them comment on a specific post and I wonder why they hadn’t made a comment. I think people who comment either strongly agree or strongly disagree with the post. Maybe we don’t hear from the others who fall in the middle.
    Just a thought…

  4. Hi, Rainie. Thanks for commenting and for the compliment. I agree that many readers probably agree or disagree but simply aren't compelled to comment either way. I'm the same. I read almost all the blogs on my blog roll regularly and don't always comment.
    Hope you are doing well and withstanding the heat and humidity.

  5. I'm definitely a reader, not just a looker. I just don't always comment. Why? I dunno. I suppose it's because, in real life, I'm a listener rather than a talker. Reading is like listening and commenting is like speaking. Weird, I know, considering I also have a As far as the word verification thing, I utterly loathe them and very rarely make comments that require me to try and decipher them.

  6. Barb, I'm actually a lot like you. I do more listening than talking, especially when in larger groups. It is much easier expressing myself through writing. Thanks for being a loyal reader! (and a fellow anti-CAPTCHA person).

  7. You make some great points and ask yourself many of the questions I ask myself. My blog seems to allow me to sort out all the thoughts I have about moving to Merida. Do wish I had more to offer the "reading" public.

    I've also tried to take my ego out of the equation.

    Your posts bring up subjects that I haven't thought of, as do Lee's. I'm a reader and appreciate your efforts!

    1. Thanks so much, Melissa. You have a blog? Could you send me the link?