Saturday, June 9, 2012

OpSail 2012

I wandered down to the riverfront with my camera late yesterday in hopes of capturing a few images of the Tall Ships that have arrived from all over the world to participate in OpSail 2012. This extravaganza happens once a decade or so and the ships spend a few days in each of several ports along the East Coast.  
Unfortunately, I missed the Parade of Sails when all of the Tall Ships display full sail from the Chesapeake Bay to the Elizabeth River and then by power on in to the harbor. I witnessed this in 2000 and it was quite a spectacle. There were so many people at the waterfront yesterday that I was unable to get any great photos of the ships. I could not find the Cuauhtemoc, a 270' Barque from Mexico, but will try to locate it on Sunday.  Here are a few pics of "parts" of the big boats and not so big boats.

El Arte Abstracto

Securing the sails

Bow of Tall Ship Juan Sebastian de Elcano -Spain

 Stern of Juan Sebastian de Elcano - 370'

Norwegian Monster  -the very top of HNoMS Thor Heyerdahl -Norway

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