Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter colors...

Winter in this part of Virginia can be chilly and as colorless as the drab grey of the ubiquitous naval warships and aircraft carriers that dot the various harbors of Hampton Roads.  There are a few exceptions here and there. The Norfolk Botanical Garden is showcasing its vast camellia collection, although many of the huge shrubs are still just loaded with buds. I spent some time today completing work for my photography course and enjoying a rare balmy day. Tomorrow will be back to cold... albeit sunny and cold.

pink and white mottled

winter white

beautiful walkway over the canal

shall we dance?

There are subtle colors everywhere in the gardens, like the backdrop foliage for this fountain.

Rock fountain in the Japanese Garden

the turtle pond, but no turtles found


  1. Beautiful pictures John. Maybe I should take a photography class....hhhmmmm.

  2. Thanks Debbie, Sara and Ty.

    Sara, the course is challenging, but I am learning loads more than I ever imagined and having fun at the same time.