Monday, May 30, 2011

More construction photos 3

Here are a few photos of the studio, which was originally a third bedroom (?) at the rear of the house. It had a low, low ceiling, so the architect created a sloped red tile roof to complement the tejeban.

This shows the original blue wall with raised and sloped roof which, according to the previous owners, went up in one day.
Another view showing scaffolding and recycled tree trunks to support the roof.

Outside view with rough finish cement. The pink structure is the outside wall of the half bath  inside the studio. The room appears small in this photo but is actually a nice size room.

Victor Cruz's signature built-in curved cement shelves with recessed outlets for computer cables, and door to half bath.


  1. I want those shelves! The photos are looking really nice.

  2. Thanks. Yes, the shelves are perfect for computer, printer/fax. We haven't decided what to use the top two for - books? decorative objects?